Moments . . . and Me


Introduction to Four Seasons and More blog: This post was written 26 Oct 2017 when I began reorganising my blog…..

Here I will share snippets of my observations and stories of tragedy and triumph, beauty and ugliness, to emphasise firstly, that there is always good to be found in the bad, and secondly, that life is NOT made up of tragic and triumphant events at all, but rather, of MOMENTS. Moments are feelings evoked from specks of time within your world. Moments are flashes of wisdom, minuscule visions within your day, specks of awareness opening your eyes and your heart.

Moments are glimpses into the magic of the universe. Not epic journeys or grand events, but dots of time containing precious gems. These momentsĀ  are strung together by an energetic web, connecting one moment to the next. Connecting one person to the next. Nothing exists separately. All depends on all else.

Each big event is made up of moments, and every moment contains gems. If we miss one moment, we might turn corners that weren’t meant to be part of our journey, or bypass roads that have our name on them. Recognise these moments, embrace them, grasp them, rejoice in them, imprint them to your memory, learn from them.

Treasure the moments that are your life and let them take you where you need to go. Concede that sometimes we go where we need to go, not where we want to go.


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