Large-billed Gerygones nesting

Large-billed Gerygone 01 Rollingstone 15Jan2017 Nesting

We discovered Big Crystal Creek a day before we left our camp at Rollingstone, and wished we’d checked it out sooner. What a fabulous spot for watching birds.

While Grahame camouflaged himself as good as was possible considering the heat and humidity keeping an eye on a Noisy Pitta’s nest, I sat and watched a pair of Large-billed Gerygones building their nest – an untidy slender pendulum hanging low from the outer foliage of a medium-sized tree.

One gerygone (pronounced jer-igg-onn-y) worked on securing the top of the construction to the twig it was hanging from, while the other put finishing touches to the porch, and did some interior decorating. There was nowhere for me to hide, so I just sat back and enjoyed the activity. The birds were obviously working to a schedule, not bothering about the spectator. They worked frantically.

Large-billed Gerygone 02 Rollingstone 15Jan2017 Nesting

This was my first positive identification of the Large-billed Gerygone, so now I can add this interesting little bird to my list of identified species. Lovely.

Large-billed Gerygone 03 Rollingstone 15Jan2017 Nesting


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