Rufous Fantails nesting

Rufous Fantail 02 Paluma Range 17Jan2017 Nesting

Two large trees were down over the forest road preventing us from continuing the drive we’d planned from Paluma on top of the Paluma Range. As Grahame manoeuvred our vehicle away from the road-block, a pair of Rufous Fantails put in a surprise appearance.

Although we’d seen Rufous Fantails often before, this was the first nesting we’d observed. The nest is very similar to that of the Grey Fantail with a small, very tight and neat cup with a ‘tail’ of about 10cm underneath. Both parents-to-be incubated the eggs, swapping over, and feeding close by.

Rufous Fantail 01 Paluma Range 17Jan2017 Nesting

A spectacular bird with it’s bright orange/tan fanned tail, it flitted about with amazing agility. But with all the rainforest in which to build a home, they chose a spot just a meter off the road. With all the impending noise and ruckus of chainsaws and workers removing the fallen trees, I do hope the fantails cope with the disturbance at their front door.

I was thrilled to briefly watch the behaviour of the fantails. If the road had not been blocked by fallen trees, we would not have seen this delightful activity. Grahame was rapt to get some photos of a bird that is usually too quick to be snapped well.

Rufous Fantail 03 Paluma Range 17Jan2017 Nesting

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