Allergic reaction to bandaids

There’s not much to say about it really: I got a blister on the palm of my hand while working in the garden. The blister burst, so I put a stretchy woven bandaid over it to keep it clean. And the bandaid gave me a handful of blisters – two inches square, the same size as the bandaid. I’ve not been affected by bandaids in the past, so it’s all rather odd. And painful!

Now, after more than 3 weeks, my hand is healed, although it is still red and occasionally itchy. Below are a couple of photos of the reaction to the plaster . . . .

01 Allergic reaction to bandaid blisters 5 days
5 days after removing the plaster, and . . .
02 Allergic reaction to bandaid 14 days
. . . 14 days after removing the plaster

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