Is that the wrong door?

knocking on the wrong door

You know when you really want something, and you go after it with passion and enthusiasm, and you just can’t reach it? It happens to us all. We set our sights on something, try and fail, try again and score a glimpse, keep going and . . . nothing. Frustration. Disappointment. You bang and bang on the door but the door remains firmly closed. And with all the right intention and hard work you’ve put n, you simply can’t understand why it doesn’t happen.

Well, just maybe that door is not meant for you. Perhaps you’re meant to go in a different direction and achieve something infinitely better than you could ever have imagined.

The Universe guides us in the direction that our soul energy needs to go, not necessarily where you physically desire to go. We get handed something that, at first, seems foreign and unwanted, but ultimately leads us to personal growth and fulfilment. Often times, we are uprooted with unexpected force and sent down an alternate path. We might well complain and resist – “What do I do with this?” or “Why on earth am I here?” But the Universe will have it’s way.

Accept this, go with the flow, learn the lessons that are meant for you, and you’ll find that your new and unexpected path begins to feel comfortable and ‘right’. It may just take you to wonderful places you couldn’t have dreamed of. The rewards will come when the time is right.

I’ve been bashing on a door over the past few months, trying every angle, always meeting dead-ends. It didn’t occur to me that perhaps my plan didn’t need to work out. It didn’t occur to me that I might be knocking on the wrong door. Until yesterday, after more frustration, I sat outside and cried, and suddenly a light came on. “It’s the wrong door. The wrong direction.”

Perhaps the ‘right’ door will suddenly appear out of the blue, but it’s more likely that we will gradually realise that we must have stumbled onto the right path at some time without noticing. And we make progress.

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