Travelling – a Steam train and quandong treats

Pichi Richi Railway steam train south australia

Rain has recently turned the southern Flinders Ranges (South Australia) green – a lush green contrasting with warm earthy tones of sand and rock. A beautiful landscape of craggy hills, silver-grey eucalypts and tall tussocks of desert grasses slid by like a slow-motion move as the steam train chugged along at a snail’s pace.

Narrow-gauge rail carried the restored historic Pichi Richi train from Quorn to Woolshed Flat and back again. A single row of upholstered bench seats flanked each side of the carriage, meaning everyone got a window seat. The chilly autumn breeze on my face was fresh and filled with everything I love about nature’s breath, along with the odd speck of soot from the engine.

Our car attendant was a witty, bushy-haired senior high-school student. He warned us that he was not a train fanatic, and pleaded with passengers to keep the questions easy. My guess is that he volunteers on the train rides simply because he loves people and life. He was an absolute delight.

Back in town after our fun-filled, yet relaxing train ride, we browsed a second-hand book store heavy with the wonderful smell of old books. Of course I bought one. Then we sampled one of the local quaint cafes, treating ourselves to a slice of  homemade quandong cheesecake with a generous dollop of quandong syrup, and obligatory scoop of ice-cream. Delicious!

Quandong (sometimes known as native peach) is a locally produced native ‘bush food’, and locals showcase the product. We’ve been trying out local produce as we trip around the country, and surely that’s one of the pleasures of travel.

As I sit outdoors back at the caravan park to write, the familiar scent of wattle fills the air. Together we recall the favourite parts of our day and chuckle about the humour of the young lad who obviously loves life and community.

Pichi Richi steam train Quorn Flinders Ra

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