Souls connecting, then parting, but knowing it was enough

Sunset in flight

Generally when I fly, I choose a window seat, bury my head in a book and choose to be ignorant, feigning invisibility.

It’s not so much that I hate flying, it’s just my inability to tolerate sardine-can people-density, with no opportunity to change or control the situation. Smelly and highly perfumed people, noisy and totally inconsiderate passengers, kids kicking the back of your seat for 5 hours, squeezing down the far-too-narrow aisle to the toilet, and no space for simple circulation exercises. But possibly worst is the explosion of entangled energy prodding the sanctuary that is  me. I don’t handle being packed into a confined space with people en mass, elbow to elbow, with high and low frequencies of energy messing with my emotions.

But this trip was different. The Law of Attraction drew a like-soul to me. For the first time in my life I realised that it is possible to have a spontaneous, out-there, in-depth conversation with someone other than my daughter. I walked off the plane stunned that this had happened.

We talked for hours, comfortably, honestly, joyfully. Spirituality. Criminology. Photography. Writing. Nature. Relationships. Creativity. Connectivity.

Oh, and did I mention spirituality? How absolutely breathtakingly amazing to be able to talk to someone about our individual spiritual path with a depth of interest and understanding that I wasn’t sure existed our there. Rituals, choices, love and kindness, pain and lessons, challenges and growth. Peace. Dew drops, sunshine and gratitude.

Souls connecting, then parting, but knowing it was ENOUGH. Gratitude for the Universe sending me what I needed at the right time.

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