A storm on the beach

With just enough light to find my way along the track, I headed to the beach at dawn. What a contrast to yesterday’s scene. An enormous bank of cloud towered above the outlying  islands. Black and threatening. Lightning flashed, and rain was falling way out at sea.

Again, I sat on a pillow  of sea-grass, watching the weather spectacle unfold, feeling blessed for this special encounter. A swathe of rain moved closer to shore, so I took a brisk walk off the beach, to be taken by surprise at the speed the rain arrived. On impulse, I popped into the beach-side restaurant for breakfast. I would weather the storm, dry and comfortable. From a window seat I enjoyed the changing patterns and colours of the sky.

Eerie muted yellow light filtered out as the sun rose. The rain didn’t amount to much, but the impromptu omelette and mushrooms was delicious.

I soaked up all the blessings of the moment.

Storm Albany 2