White-browed Robins nesting

White-browed Robin 04 Tyto Wetlands Ingham 14Jan2017

When a birdwatcher finds a bird that only occupies a small section of the country, it’s always exciting. And if they are nesting, WOW! We’ve previously seen the White-browed Robin only once, at Tyto Wetlands near Ingham in north Queensland. Not fleeting sightings, but there certainly wasn’t opportunity to observe them at length.

On our recent visit to Tyto Wetlands, however, we had the privilege of watching a pair of White-browed Robins finish building their nest. It was a beautiful construction – a tight little cup decorated on the outside with strips of paperbark hanging on spider silk.

White-browed Robin 01 Tyto Wetlands Ingham 12Jan2017 Nesting

The combined heat and humidity really tested us, but the mosquitoes nearly drove us mad. To watch the birds working, we needed to sit in the shade, and that’s where all the mossies were. We didn’t hang around long, and despite the heat, we sat in the sun to recover because the mossies were all in the shade.

A couple of days later, I saw another pair of White-browed Robins south of Ingham at Big Crystal Creek Picnic/camping area. They didn’t exhibit any breeding behaviour, simply feeding themselves.

Memorable sightings.